About Us

With our constant excitement since 1989.

As Ozen brand, in which we laid the excitement in a small workshop of 80m2 in 1989, with the same excitement,

Today we are among the most important brands of our country and the world’s leading brands with the production of handles.

For more 33 years, we are moving forward to the future with confident steps with our qualified workforce,

Advanced production technology, R&D investments, exemplary environment and waste management, national and international brand investments that have contributed greatly to employment and the Turkey’s economy by constantly changing and developing.

Carrying the responsibility and pride of being brand representing the Turkey in the global economy, we make a lot of mention of our country and our name, in the World market with our high quality products.

Now we are exporting to 52 countries and 90% of our goods going to abroad markets under our name and oem branding.

As Ozen Metal; we are conscious of making product and services that are easly accessible, usable, reliable at all times, on time and at the first time using up-to-date Technologies, meeting customer expectations with the mission of producing better, newer and the most suitable for human beings.

Based on the philosopy of continuous improvement, in the light of technological developments,

It is one of our primary principles in terms of quality and information security, to maximize both the training and the production process and, accordingly, to maintain customer satisfaction.

Considering the risks regarding Ozen Metal information assets, the necessary infrastructure and working environment have been established.

On the basis of quality and information security, we undertake that it is the responsibility of our senior management to ensure compliance and enforcement with applicable laws, regulations and standards.



Now continues production at modern factory which has been actively going on 8000m2 closed area in Istanbul


All process in-house , from design to selection of raw materials, from injection to polish, from plating linet o packing line. Quality constant standard in every detail.


Personal expections and reflaction of a life style are always primary in our designs. Most important reason for our products being used for a long years, that they long lives is this.


- we started our production with brass material in our small workshop.


- new production line started operations in Umraniye.


- with increased demand, our factory has started operate in an area of 1500m2 in Alemdag.


- first export to Russia and track the first step outside of Turkey.


- recevied TSE certificates


- added zinc material production line and reached 40% export rate with 6 countries


- added bathroom accessories production line


- moved to our new factory located an area of 8000m2


- added aluminium material production line and reached 60% export rate with 14 countries


- recieved EN, ISO, CE certificates


- reached the capacity of 4000 set door handle / day


- added cabinet handle, furniture handle production line


- with our brand reached 80% export rate with 30 countries


- reached capacity of 8000 set door handle / day and 6000 pcs cabinet handle / day

Doing 90% export with 52 countries. Brass handles, Zinc handles, Aluminium handles from Turkey.


2.000.000 set handles capacity / year
52 countries
since 1989

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